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Monday, March 9, 2009

My Cat Book Updates

So after a long time of trying to make things all layout together, I have decided to make 2 books. There are so many good stories, and they all arent funny, which my part of the book is all meant to be funny. So to keep both intact with their meanings, I have decided to make 2 books.

Bald Spots Make Me Look Sexy, Subtitle may be changing, will be about jelly and abby and thier craziness.

2nd book will be a compilation of stories of cats, of all different types, the point still being uplifting and such but not exactly funny.

The second book will out sometime after the bald spot book. I am still waiting on my illustrator.

This does give everyone a chance to submit now. I know there was some folks that wanted to submit a story but hadnt had time yet.

Please send them to

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