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Friday, February 27, 2009

The Day the Earth Stood Still... Movie

I watched The Day the Earth Stood Still and was a bit dissapointed.

Yes it is a remake of sorts so I knew what was basically going to happen, but I didnt end feeling inspired to make the world a better place.

I felt kinda down and wished I hadn't watched it. The actors in it are great, but I just dont like movies that make me feel depressed after watching them.

Watch it if you must, but dont expect to feel all inspired to change the world.


Henry Poole Was Here.. A Movie

I just watch Henry Poole Was Here.

I wasn't for sure how I would feel about it because I knew the ending would have a huge barring on how I would feel.

I cried through the whole movie. More in a touched feeling than a sad feeling. Yes I am a big softy.

The story is good, the ending didnt dissapoint, and I would deffinately reccomend it.

If you cry easy at movies, get your tissues before you start.


Book on hold....

Bald Spots Make Me Look Sexy: Humorous and Uplifting Stories About Cats, is on hold at the moment.

My illustrator and cover artist was laid off and is moving across country. When he settles down, I hope to get the book finished.

I am now aiming for March.


Sunday, February 1, 2009

My Book Affiliate Program is Now Live

I want people who promote my work to get something back. This will also be great for the cat book due out soon, because those that contributed can promote their own work in it and make a profit too. So now you won't only be published but be making some money by helping sale it.

That will give you all the details. This will be great for charities as well. You are all more than welcome to order from your own link. That way you can take orders locally if you'd like and just place an order and deliver it yourself. That way you dont have to keep stock or anything like that.


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