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Friday, January 2, 2009

This was just too funny - my rant for the day

I just found this so ironic and amusing

I'm putting together a blog for making money online. I am really testing out stuff for real people that doesn't involve having to refer people, paying money, and doesn't take 10 years to get there. I have been into this idea for a while trying to find something to do at home since real work is sorta hard for me with my condition.

Thats the link if you want to check out where Im going or follow it.

Anyway................ I clicked on a link that made itself sound like what I was doing. Real legit things. So I went to his site, which had an auto load recording of him telling you all about how he "really" wants to help you.

***That is huge tip off that its a scam by the way. Its the internet version of high pressure salesman.

So.......... I listened while I opened up other pages in his site in a separate tab so I could hear what he had to say. His stick to get your email is a 7 day course telling you how to spot a scam.

Well while describing his course he mentions how scams all put flashy cars and places in their ads and how its just to make you want to give them forty or fifty bucks to find out that you are selling that same stick to someone else to make money.

This part I fully agree with. That is all true. Thats not the funny/ironic part.

He then tells you to check out the people on his site cause they are all legit and worth it. We should all just "Trust Him" that he really tested them out.

Here's the funny part.

The number one top offer on his list, the guy has flashy cars, places, and testimonials just as he just said to not fall for. I just started laughing.

He is such a load of liar as far as his recomendations. He is playing an angle of trying to make you think he is honest and really cares just so he can talk you into buying something that he gets a cut of which is still going to be a rip off.

Anyway............. thats just my rant for the day. At least that one made me laugh. hehe.

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